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1. You have to post ALL the rules.

2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.

3. Choose 12 people.

4. Legitimately tag these 12 people.

5. You can't say you don't do tags.

6. Tag backs are ALLOWED

7. You must do the journal entry

I was tagged by :iconofficercoffincat:!
  1. What did you think about the Netflix Death Note adaptation?/ Anime Adaptations in general? A: I've never watch Death Note Adaptation or Anime Adaptations.
  2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? A: If I could change one thing about me, is that I've should save my money when I was a little child.
  3. What would you do first in the apocalypse? (You may choose your type of apocalypse) A: If it was the apocalypse of the Chihuahuas, I would do first is to give all of them hugs. One by one, all will get cuddles.
  4. One thing you struggle to do as an artist? A: Creative idea on what to draw.
  5. Least favorite song and why? A: Justin Bieber, Baby. Because I don't like how he was acting in the vevo. He was too young and could've made the video better.
  6. If you could be any animal what would you never be? A: I would never be a Skunk.
  7. What internet challenge do you hate the most? A: I never been in internet challenge at all, but if there's one, it would be collecting all the Pokémons on 3DS.
  8. How do you feel about dad jokes? A: Never heard one.
  9. Introverted or Extroverted? A: Extroverted.
  10. If you could have the abilities of one oc (or fictional character if you don't have ocs) who would they be and what would the power be? A: Tough choices, but I would pick my oc, Gloves, for the power of Fire and the ability to telekinesis (Move objects with your mind.)
  11. Dumbest thing you've been dared to do? Did you do it? A: I was dared to lick a red lunch table seat bench outside of the cafeteria. Did I do it? Yes and it was disgusting.
  12. Craziest thing you've ever eaten? A: whole wasabi in my mouth and swallow it. It didn't last long and I threw up all the sushi. It wasn't pleasant.
My turn~
1. Who's your favorite artist in DA?
2. Are you allergic to anything?
3. Did you beat all FNAF games like Markiplier? Don't lie.
4. Can you eat 50 Choco. Cookie by yourself with milk?
5. Why do you like to draw?
6. Did you do the Ice Bucket Challenge?
7. Who would you hang/date in My Hero Academia?
8. What would you spend If you have $1,000 on 3 items?
9. Did yo play Pokemon? If so, how long?
10. Who's your favorite OC senpai?
11. Will you give me a high-five?
12. What's your worst nightmare?
I'll tag :)

;u; and if I haven't tagged ya you can join in too if you want! Mamastiredlol
By: :iconcinnamoth: Tag by: :iconomegapsycho:

You must answer all questions.
You must post all these questions and your own answers.
 You must make up questions for the people you tag to answer,
 the questions should be in the same category as the ones you are asked.
You must tag 10 other people.
Tag backs are not allowed unless you have no one else to tag.
must complete the challenge within 10 days or you have to draw a
headshot of whatever character the person who tagged you asks.

You have to answer all questions truthfully unless you cannot in good conscience do that.
You must also post these rules
1.) Pirate or Ninja?
A: Ninja!
2.) What is your favorite Rock Band?
A: Natewantstobattle. What can I say, he rocks on Youtube! :D
3.) What is your favorite Weapon?
A: Katana.
4.) You RP?
A: Yes.
5.) What anime would you want to be in?
A: I would be in Panty & Stocking with Grterbelt, hands down. (Plz release season 2.)
6.) What is your favorite TV show?
A: Cartoon Network.
7.) Hero or Villain?
A: Hero.
8.) What would be your superhero name?
A: Big O!
9.) What is your favorite ship?
A: Flame (from Lord Hornblower by C. S. Forester)
10.) What is your Deadly Sin?
A: Sloth.
My Question:
1.) What is your favorite color?
2.) If you can make any 3 wishes, (except for killing somebody, make somebody love you, and raise somebody back from the dead, and yes I'm using Genie words.) What will it be?
3.) Why do you love art?
4.) What is your favorite season?
5.) Do you like Fast Food or a Fancy Restaurant?
6.) What's your favorite Music Artist?
7.) What's your hardest task that you did in school? (Science, Social Studies, History, Writing, or Math)?
8.) Who's your favorite Waifu or Husbando? Any yes, it can be a person in real life.
9.) Have any pets? If so, what are they and their cool/cute names?
10.) Will you join me for Chocolate Cookies & Milk?
1.) :iconcultivatedrose:
2.) :iconmarrazan:
3.) :iconshadowsofheartwork:
4.) :iconpagod7:
5.) :iconcommon-jackal:
6.) :iconpop-rockzx:
7.) :iconninjagirlstar5:
8.) :iconfoxyminion:
9.) :iconflyxthunder:
10.) :iconhitakai:
Name: Dress Socks

20 (July 23, 1996)


5' 9"


Cold Steel US Army Officer Sabers name; "Demonic Duos". When combine it turns into a Scythe name; "Soul Slicer". 

Tier I, Wind

Rank: Tempter

Personality: At first glance, everybody sees him as an ordinary demon that's quiet, patience, and just listening to orders. If a person comes to him and greet him for the first time, he'll look at them and greets them in his calm and smooth tone. He's nice to be friend with anyone that he works with or meeting new people and he can be silly sometimes. However, if you ever make fun of his friends or make fun of him for whatever reason, you'll see his bad nature. Seriously, don't ever mess with him or his friends, you'll be sorry. Beside that, he's a hardworking demon that gets the job done, determined demon that never gives up, and a scary demon that shows no mercy.

Physical Description:
Skin color is red. Hair color is short, black and messy looking. Eye color is red on the outer ring and yellow on the inner ring. His horns are regular two horns. His tongue is like a snake. His body looks a little skinny when he's wearing a uniform, but he's strong. Finally, he wears a uniform.
  Dress Socks Ref by OscarK9

Bio: Dress Socks was born a demon in a wealthy family, in Western Hell. Living in a traditional american home up on the hill, with his father a business man (Quarter Socks), his mother a gardener (Knee Socks), and two of his loving sibling of one brother (Low Cut Socks) and one sister (Liner Socks). His family is the most Riches people in the neighborhood. Imagine if your invited to their home for the first time. Their place are expensive as hell. They have a white couch, different trophies, expensive vases, one Maid and a Butler, 5 Zipper Pets (Dog, Cat, Bird, Fox, and a Monkey), and a swimming pool. All an all, he's living in a luxurious life.

Going through school years in Hells High School, everyone in his school title him as a "Honor Roll Demon". The reason for him to have that title is that he attend his classes every single day, study, do his homework, goes to club meetings, help raise money that the school needs, and learn Wind Magic in school. Of course this was hard for him to do all those tasks by himself over the years, but he shows his peers and teachers that he can take on tough obstacle by himself and in the bloodline of 'The Sock Family', there's a honor code that passes down to him from his family for generations and that's 'Show the world what you have what it takes and give it your all, 100%!' This help him motivate over his school years and earned the title, "Honor Roll Demon".

His parents are proud of their young man to have good education, but they're worry for him. If other people thinks of them as the weakest demon in the family, then they'll start teasing him and messing with his stuff. So to toughen him up for his own protection, they taken him to Sword Academy and Martial Art Class each day after school so he can learn new art styles and to defend for himself.

Over the courses of the Sword Academy and Martial Art Classes, it was a tough road for him. When he gone to those two places for the first time, he thought that it was going to be easy task for him like he did in school, but he was wrong from the gecko and learned the hard way by other trained demons. Of course this made his life a living hell for him over the years, but thanks to his parents signing him up for those two classes. His physical fitness was improve by it and made new friends along away.

After he graduated at the age of 18, his parents asked him what he wanted to do with his life, he said to them that he wasn't sure. His sister suggested going to Hell Corp in Daten City where she heard so much about from her peers. Hell Corp's history caught his interest, what with its history of strange occurrences and events, and he decided to give it a whirl. So, Dress Socks sent his application to them and waited for them to see if they accept him. He waited for the past 2 days to see the results, but there was no reply from them. The mail came in on the 3rd day and he was accepted into Hell Corp.

As of today, Dress Sock is working with them as an employee and helping them with the best of his ability to bring chaos in Daten City.

- Scythe is 6ft tall and blade length is 3ft long.

- He likes to relax when it's break time.

- Since all of them have the same name at the end, they consider their family name 'The Sock Family'.

- Henshine - LMFAO Party Rock -…

- Voice Head Cannon - [James Dijit]

- Age of his familys: Father 200, Mother 200, Sister 18, and Brother 16.

- If a person ever wants to be friends with him, just be yourself or offer him some sweets if you got some. Especially Lollipops, his main fave is green pops.

- His favorite dessert is Devil's Chocolate Cake.

- He's great at cooking things, especially desserts.

- His parents gave him a car on his 16th birthday. Which is a Dodge Viper SRT 10 ACR -…

- In battle, he'll decide if he wants to use his weapons on them or use Wind Magic on them.

- He own a stocky and bulky raptor breed, Deathclaw. Which he name her, Ruby. -…

- Kro words about Deathclaw, not mine.
2. Deathclaw/claimed by OscarK91- A stocky and bulky raptor breed, it's more often seen running on all fours rather than expressing behaviors to its raptor cousins. They are an aggressive breed that requires the utmost discipline and training to avoid any unfortunate accident. Most of their physical attributes are said to have stemmed from early Dracolisle after they had evolved from Ziz. This is the only raptor breed discouraged from being in packs as males can get territorial. In fact, males are often kept in enclosures and sanctuaries and females are usually on the market, so this one being sold is a female. They're usually used during hunts or guarding property, being very low maintenance. Definitely not meant for apartment life or to first timers.

He own a small 1ft 4in. Cute Tub Dino. Which he name him, Pete. But if he's not call out two times, Pe-pai! -…

Tub- SOLD TO OSCARK91. Tubs were bred to be nothing but cute. Like Fairies, they are docile Dracolisle who are generally quiet, the only noise they can make are odd croaks. In some parts of Hell, Tubs are considered a status symbol for prosperity and health. But for your average day Immortal or human, Tubs are great to give tummy rubs to. Their easy-going nature is a must for first time owners and can be trained with relative ease. It's advised to exercise this breed as their routine is usually eat and sleep.


- Party, Working, Relaxing, Play Games, Reading, Dancing, Skiing, Girls, Sweets, Magic, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Lions and Snakes.

- Being annoyed, Taking things that don't belong to them (Especially his stuff), Sour Food, Snowboarding, and Tofu.
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Also, please give her a Watch too. :) :iconpowder-puff:
Like the titled said, please read the rules and have a headshot yourself by :icontsuundoku:

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Remember to read the rules and have fun. :)
Like the title said, please follow the rules and please follow :iconhanzou-chan:. :)

Here's the link that'll take you to it. -…
[Ghost Name:] Sparky

[Physical Discription:] A ghost at the height of 6ft man, wearing a 'Neo Shadow' costume, and with a Nema Power Cord Plug for a tail.

[Weapon:] Claws, his Tail, and Electric Powers.


Electric Absorption - He absorb electricity to gain power for himself. More power he absorbs, the stronger he'll get.

Electric Power - Sparky can send out any shock waves at his opponents.

[Weaknesses:] If he use his 'Electric Power' too much on his opponents, then his power will drain quickly and grow weaker. He can regain it back if his tail can interact with any close electric devices that's around him. However, if one of the Angels can cut his tail, then he's unable to recharge.

[Info:] Sparky was once a young 6ft man that love being in cosplay at a Comic Con. He goes to different conventions to see all his favorite characters in action. Dressing up in different cosplays wasn't all bad. He love being there, but there's one thing at the convention that he really hate the most, and that's not bringing any cool gadgets at a convention. All he want to do is to bring his A game at different conventions is all, but they won't allow him to do that and it made him really mad.

Then one day, he look up on his laptop to see if theirs any convention opening near him in Daten City. He was in luck! There's one convention that's going to be open in the next 2 week, on a Saturday and going to hold, 'The Best Cosplay Costume Contest'. He was full of joy and can't wait for it to open up. Not only that, he has a full proof plan on to how to bring a gadget at the convention. An that answer is, his suit. You see, he's not only a cosplayer person, but a smart scientist.

So he work on his cosplayer costume, his 'Neo Shadow', night and day for the past 2 weeks. He though he couldn't finish it before the gran-opening, but on Friday night at 10:00pm, he finish his master piece. He was so tired from working on his costume for the past 2 weeks that he was stinking like a storm. So he drink some cup of water, leaving on his desk where his costume is at, petting his fluffy white cat, Jacob, and went to take a shower. Its only a few minutes, what could go wrong? After finishing taking a 15min shower, he went back to his work station and sees his fluffy white cat sleeping on top of his costume. It was so cute to him, so he leave him alone with the costume, turn off the light in the garage, and off to bed for him for the big day. 

At night at 1:30am, his cat, Jacob, roll around on top of his costume and accidentally knock over his master's cup of water on his costume and made it all wet. At the same time, the water woke him up from his slumber and run off from the garage, leaving the costume behind. 

In the morning at 9:30am, Sparky got up from his bed and was getting ready to go too the Comic Con. He went to get his costume from the garage. But when he got there, he was shock that his costume was all wet. He didn't know how long it was like this, but he was mad. Regardless, he took his costume, putting in a big box, cover it up with bunch of towels, and off he went to the convention.

When he got to the convention at 10:00am, he went towards the registration booth and sign in for 'The Best Cosplay Costume Contest'. He was worried that he wouldn't made it in, but he was in. After signing in, he went to the man's changing room to change into his 'Neo Shadow' costume. His suit was a little wet, but he thinks that its alright. So right now, he's going in a contest while being in a wet suit.

The contest was now starting and every participants was in the show. One after another, the contestants present there costume to the judges and give them each different scores. When it was Sparkys' turn, he present them that no other contestants have, and that showing them what a 'true cosplayer' can really do. So he goes in, act like a true 'Neoshadow' from the game, and finish it off by plugging his tail into the black extension cord and give them the spark of their lives. When he did, not only that he gave the judges a shock, it gave himself a shock. Thanks to his costume being wet, it sends off volts around his entire body and sparks was flying over the places. It was a scary scene to see and one of the workers rush to the fuse box and turn the power off. I did stop the sparks from flying, but the damage has been done on the stage and to himself. The judges look at him on the ground and one of them told him that he was banned from entering any comic con conventions as long as he live. So with a snap of the judges' finger, the security guards drag him out of the convention, the contestants laugh at him for his failing act, and throw his whole body at the back of the convention where the trash is at.

He didn't move at all, his body was badly hurt from those voltage he endure and can't feel anything. But what he does feel is sadness and hatred.

He then later died last night for being out in the cold for too long and got hyperthermia.

For the past two nights, he came back as an angry ghost with an unfinished business with the Comic Con. He swears to himself that he'll make sure that every Comic Cons that he's banned now, ends up with a volt of electricity.


Battle them, Kingdom Hearts Music - Night Of Fate:…
Like the title said, please follow her :iconyuiinaneko: and please read her rules. :)

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Request Open by Shadow-storm119 Remember to follow the rules and look at her arts please :iconshadow-storm119:. :)
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Like the title said, come on over to her page :iconhoot-ers: and take a look at her cute arts. :)
Merry christmas everybody Merry Christmas, Everyone! Merry christmas everybody 

Wow! These weeks has been a long one for me. :)
For the past weeks, I've been searching on DA for 'Requests' and ask many artists to do my OC's. If you don't know them, that's okay. There names are:
Gloves Stone - DCM: Gloves Stone by OscarK9
Sapphire Necklace - DCM: Sapphire Necklace by OscarK9
Dress Socks - DCM: Dress Socks by OscarK9 Dress Socks - Prepare yourself by OscarK9
and Lingerie Eartha - DCM: Lingerie Eartha by OscarK9

These OCs are my precious children and I'm happy that I create them. :) I'm even more happy that many artists took the time to create them in their own art styles. Of course I let the artists choose which character that interest them the most and let them have free creativity. The most out of the bunch is Sapphire Necklaces and that's crazy even for me. What can I say, she's love by many artists! Lol! XD

Still, I'm happy that the artists took their time with my OC's and having fun with them. :) It made me the happiest man in the world and I wanna thank them for their hard work on them. :)
For their reward, I'm going to give them all hot chocolates and thank them. :)

Artist list:
Thank you :iconchesilitia: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you :iconnaokarii: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you :iconziiatax: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you :iconpandahhs: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you :iconeddieveneziano: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you :iconnestkid: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you :iconprincess-rosie10: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you :iconfancy-phantom: Hot Chocolate
Thank you: :iconnanda-1521-pink: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you: :iconfixthispls: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you: :iconshadowsofheartwork: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you: :iconhiyumi-myu: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you: :icongalaxyreject: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you: :icondsarts1: Hot Chocolate  
Thank you: :iconzimmer-shine: Hot Chocolate
Thank you: :iconstarcatsart: Hot Chocolate  
(I know some of you are doing my request to, so here's some hot chocolates too. :))Hot Chocolate   Hot Chocolate  Hot Chocolate  Hot Chocolate  Hot Chocolate  

Thank you all for your hard work on my OC's and all of you are just the wonderful artists that I've ever meet. :)
So, enjoy your hot chocolates and relax in your cozy homes. :)
And finally...
Christmas CarolM Alphabets (Words) E (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)  Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol Two C (Alphabets) H (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) I (Alphabets) S (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) M Alphabets (Words) A (Alphabets) S (Alphabets) ! Exclamation mark (Symbols) Christmas Carol Two 
Come on over to her DA Page and see her cute/amazing arts. :)<da:thumb id="650985544"/>
Like the 'Title' said, Her Request is Open. :)
Hello fellow Followers. Would you please help this devianart DevilMarie :icondevilmarie: share her page and help her get more followers. She's a talented artist that want to share her hard work to the world and wants to be love by many people. :)

So please, come to her page and help her share her page to the world. :)
Also, here's her link that take you to her sites. :)……
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Please, go to Luminosity-Shade :iconluminosity-shade: account and see her lovable arts. Their just so cute! :D
Go ahead and check it out! :D